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Noah’s Ark


I know many were wondering about my point in posting the article concerning dinosaurs. Well here is my point:  If researchers were able to find dinosaurs remains and no trace of Noah’s Ark,  could it be that the story of the ark is allegorical? I mean Shakespeare was one of the writers when a group of men attempted to write a translation of historical facts found in Egypt. In fact, archaeologist are still finding pieces of papyrus in the sands of Egypt linked to the original writings. My hypothesis is: the writers of the English bible recorded what they desired to in place of information they had no clue of what came next, because so many fragments of the original writings were missing.

I have stronger thoughts than this, too. And many other wonders.

#GOD is real, this I know for sure. So, do not get what I write twisted with what I believe about GOD…When reading the scriptures, ask GOD what’s meat and what’s bones. Spit the bone out.

Shavonne T. Harris, MDiv.

What Is Language

When we hear the word tongues, we may think or imagine a babbling tone pouring from the mouths of those engrossed in the Spirit of God (I’m still struggling with that notion). However, when the word is studied in the Greek translation, it simply means language. In this world there are numerous languages of diversity, some we have no clue of the meaning if our native tongues are completely different in context. Nevertheless, God has the power to open our ears in order to hear and minds to understand what another individual of a differentiated tongue is communicating even when we have never understood before. I am reminded of a man who told his story of tongues. This American English speaking man was in an airport abroad while travelling for a conference overseas; he needed help with direction to his terminal, but it seemed he was  not able to locate anyone who spoke English-not even a little. Suddenly, he asked one man a question, and when the man began to speak, the English speaking man understood eveything the other said. After the American received the information he needed from the foreigner, he said thank you. Now the foreigner continued to talk to him (The American), but he was not able to understand him anymore. You see, God had made it possible that the American man understand another tongue for a moment, just enough to gain full understanding. And that, my friends, is tongues and the interpretation of tongues. We can do all things through God.

-Shavonne T. Harris

Should Women Propose Marriage?

Why shouldn’t women propose? I see many you used a biblical principle about marriage from Proverbs about a man who finds a wife, so here’s some enlightening on the book of Ruth. Naomi coerced Ruth into proposing to Boaz after she learned that Ruth had already caught his eyes (essentially his heart) while Ruth worked his fields. In Hebrew culture to throw a covering over a woman signifies marriage/engagement. Naomi instructed Ruth to dress in her finest clothing, wear her best perfume, go to the where Boaz was after he was drunk and tired, lay at his feet (which in Hebrew means genitals), and ask him to cover her.  Hence,  Ruth asked Boaz to marry her by way of cultural gestures and possible sexual advances. (Research it if you question it.)

Broken Friendship

When you realize you have allowed people in your space even after promising yourself no one else could get close to you like a sister after your aunt died- who was like your sister, but you did anyway-then they do just what you were protecting yourself from, they hurt you.

If I call you a friend, I am a friend-solid. I do not understand individuals who call themselves a friend and talk about their so called friend to other people. Whatever you say will resurface, so just be genuine in relationships, and people will not have to hurt because of fake backstabbing non-loyalty. Also, just because a person does not reveal they know what has been verbalized about them, does not mean they are oblivious to the fact. Remember, you never know  who knows who, and when you spread the business of others to one person, that person recognizes that you do not care, so they spread that information, too. Remember this also, you shared your  problems with the person you backstabbed, they know your issues, so be aware of lash-back. Hurt people have been known to hurt people.

-Shavonne T. Harris

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