Shavonne is a divorced mother of two wonderful children, a daughter who is a college student, and a son who is now a high school student. She was born and raised in New Orleans, La. before moving to Atlanta, GA. July of 2000. Shavonne managed to graduate high school June 1993 after delivering her daughter March of the same year with the help of family and friends. She immediately enrolled into college at Southern University of New Orleans that Fall, and after two semester transferred to Tulane University where she took evening classes in order that she be able to work fulltime during the day to support she and her daughter.

After marriage and another child, Shavonne paused her education to focus on family. While she was pregnant with her son, she began to have this hunger for GOD like never before. Although she had grown up in the Church, she had never experienced this spiritual pulling before. Shavonne decided that she would not be apprehensive, but adhere to the pull. Her husband at the time noticed that she was outgrowing him in her relationship with GOD, and needless to say, they divorced. One day she heard a still small voice say, “Bible College,” so she prayed for peace and later enrolled in Beulah Heights Bible College at the time she enrolled, but when she graduated from the four-year Biblical Education program with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Education May 2009, the school was titled Beulah Heights University do to academic expansions.

Shavonne is now a Seminary student studying for a Master’s Degree of Divinity at one of the country’s best institutions. This blog she created to share many of her writings that she’s been sharing since 2010 with a group she started via her wireless phone titled Full Prayer Circle. This spiritual outlet is for individuals to experience GOD, Truth, Peace, Scripture, and Biblical Education. Shavonne thanks you all for taking the time to read her GOD lead and real blogs. She thanks you all so much.


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