The Science of GOD

When one truly evaluates the omnipresence of GOD, it is almost impossible not to recognize the science of the entire earth and its fullness, galaxies…, space…and other planets…and the Universe… Perhaps this is the reason some individuals refer to GOD as Universe. In order that it makes sense that GOD is in all places at all times means that GOD is energy-Spirit. I think that burst of energy folk get sometimes when they began to jump and shout in church is when the Holy Spirit’s Energy overtakes them. Other individuals may handle the Spirit’s enveloping of their being in a different manner, but overall, the energy of GOD is powerful. GOD is in science for two reasons: One is because GOD is all knowing-omniscient. Two because GOD is energy. #VonniesQuotes

-Shavonne T. Harris, M.Div.


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