Moment Of Honesty

Moment of honesty, if I ever feel the need to search my future husband’s phone, I will reevaluate me at that point. You see, a woman, like everyone, is gifted with something called intuition. You know, that little pain in your gut (soul) that nudges you when it’s time to pay attention. Rather that intuitive  nudge hits for positive or reasons of watch out, it will show itself approved every time.

So, why check that phone if The Spirit already done told ju what’s up? You already know! And checking the phone does what if you’re not collecting information for your court case of divorce? You know you can pull the records from your spouse’s mobile provider for that, right?…

And stop calling the other person for crying out loud. They have no loyalty to you, this is the real world, and right and wrong is heavily weighed by one’s cultural background (cross cultural communication)…sharing may be accepted in their community, so do not go for them, check your spouse.

In addition, if you decide to stay in the marriage, relationship, do not attempt to make the other miserable with guilt trips. Remember, you stayed, so work on you and how you’re going to handle the situation like an adult.

Everyone is not a Christian, and even some of them cares nothing about your vows.

This is why I suggest knowing like you know you know the one you marry is a God send, a Divine Ordered Mate. That way, you guys will be able to work through the madness of marriage, because it is NOT all glamorous…
Shavonne Trenay Harris MDiv


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