The Bible Is Not The End All Be All: God is BIGGER

According to, not he said is my philosophy when it concerns the scriptures. I’ll continue to allow the Holy Spirit to quicken my soul when what’s real passes my heart, eyes and ears.

I do not believe the bible is the inerrant word of GOD, because it is packed with err. Even it reads that we should test the spirit by the spirit (1 John:4).

In addition to my before philosophical thoughts: for not one millisecond do I believe that God stopped talking after those individual’s accounts in the bible. If that were the case we, today, would not have prophets and prophetess among us, dreams of futuristic things, new births of babies, people being called…etc.

Essentially, I just said that the bible is not the end all be all concerning Who is Creator of All. And all we cannot begin to imagine; science has tapped in on some things beyond our imagination in God’s creation, but not ALL. God is too big to be stopped and concluded in one book and a few science research projects.

I recall several professors in seminary teaching that the bible isn’t always needed to touch spirit of the people, because the people need help beyond the book…

A relationship with God is spiritual and soulful. God lives within us, so even if we did not have a bible, we would still have and know our Creator God.
-Shavonne T. Harris, MDiv.


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