Noah’s Ark

I know many were wondering about my point in posting the article concerning dinosaurs. Well here is my point:  If researchers were able to find dinosaurs remains and no trace of Noah’s Ark,  could it be that the story of the ark is allegorical? I mean Shakespeare was one of the writers when a group of men attempted to write a translation of historical facts found in Egypt. In fact, archaeologist are still finding pieces of papyrus in the sands of Egypt linked to the original writings. My hypothesis is: the writers of the English bible recorded what they desired to in place of information they had no clue of what came next, because so many fragments of the original writings were missing.

I have stronger thoughts than this, too. And many other wonders.

#GOD is real, this I know for sure. So, do not get what I write twisted with what I believe about GOD…When reading the scriptures, ask GOD what’s meat and what’s bones. Spit the bone out.

Shavonne T. Harris, MDiv.


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