What Is Language

When we hear the word tongues, we may think or imagine a babbling tone pouring from the mouths of those engrossed in the Spirit of God (I’m still struggling with that notion). However, when the word is studied in the Greek translation, it simply means language. In this world there are numerous languages of diversity, some we have no clue of the meaning if our native tongues are completely different in context. Nevertheless, God has the power to open our ears in order to hear and minds to understand what another individual of a differentiated tongue is communicating even when we have never understood before. I am reminded of a man who told his story of tongues. This American English speaking man was in an airport abroad while travelling for a conference overseas; he needed help with direction to his terminal, but it seemed he was  not able to locate anyone who spoke English-not even a little. Suddenly, he asked one man a question, and when the man began to speak, the English speaking man understood eveything the other said. After the American received the information he needed from the foreigner, he said thank you. Now the foreigner continued to talk to him (The American), but he was not able to understand him anymore. You see, God had made it possible that the American man understand another tongue for a moment, just enough to gain full understanding. And that, my friends, is tongues and the interpretation of tongues. We can do all things through God.

-Shavonne T. Harris


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