Ruth Proposed To Boaz

Lord, I’m about to make some people mad! Ruth proposed to Boaz and it’s true.

Ruth 3:9 He said, “Who are you?” And she answered, “I am Ruth, your servant, spread your cloak over your servant, for you are next-of-kin.”

“Spread your cloak,” Ruth said. Now in Hebrew culture Ruth is proposing marriage in saying that. For a man to cover a woman with his cloak, in their way of life, is a signal that he has claimed her as his own (see Ezek 16:8). Also, study Ruth 2:12 where what’s to take place as a blessing is spoken by Boaz himself towards Ruth. What Boaz utters in the scripture, according to Hebrew culture is: finding refuge under GOD’S wings is like saying finding refuge under GOD’S cloak being that the word cloak and wing are the same in the Hebrew language.
-Shavonne T. Harris


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