Many of us are guilty of acting as hypocrites when it comes to the Word of GOD. When will the time come that at least us who are called and chosen began to live in complete integrity? When will we began to suppress the flesh when it urges to do things against the rules and regulations Our Father set in place for us? When will we actually began to live as this Holy Family we brag about being a part of? Do we think it’s a game or something? GOD even told us that if we who are called by the Name of GOD would humble ourselves, pray, seek GOD’S face, and turn away from our wicked ways-He will hear is from heaven, and forgive our sins, and then will heal the land. Well, what are we waiting on? The wrath of GOD maybe? Are we truly embracing punishment?
**I was about to preach this thing, so I will withdraw now.**

Guys, let us all consider what GOD has placed on my heart this day, and press towards it.
-Shavonne T. Harris


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