Baby Daddy His Wife and Trusting GOD

If your girlfriend asked you to sleep with her husband in order to give him a baby she cannot produce, essentially making you his wife, too, and you become pregnant on the first try…she then becomes jealous because of the attention her husband is giving you, so you began to treat her with contempt, but her hubby is still acting as yours because you’re carrying his seed-he loves you, too, now….you have the baby, it’s a boy! And the man is happy, and still being tender towards you…the man is happy that you and the baby are with him in his house, but now the wife’s womb is opened, and she is expecting…She also has a boy, and now you and your son are no longer useful because she has now given her husband what she used you to give him…your son teases her son a little, and she blows it all out of control…You can’t take the horrific treatment anymore, so you leave with nothing to your name and with your son. Would you trust GOD to bless you as a single parent and your son? I know you’ve been through so much pain at this point, but would you trust the LORD?

In the story of Hagar, Abraham, and Sarai, we see GOD taking care of all parties involved. It allows us to see that GOD is in control, only HE can open wombs and make sperm produce, and with that fact in mind, we know that life can only come through HIM. Therefore, rather we are married or single parents, not matter the circumstances, we must all trust the LORD. Please read Genesis 16.

-Shavonne T. Harris


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