I’m Loving On Me

I’m loving on me. I love the arch of my back that hurts sometimes because of the gift of African women. I love the lines that are a different color than my body on my belly and hips because life came through me. I love the scar on my left thigh because it reminds me of the day I flew in the air at eight years old by force of a car, but live to tell about it. I love the chunkiness of my arms because my children love squeezing them. I love my caramel skin because it reminds me of the many shades of beauty of my African people. I love my personality because I’m sweet, will do anything for you, but will also go straight ham if I need to. I love my teeth because they sparkle when I smile. I love my eyes for the same reason as my teeth. I love my skin because it’s smoother than butter milk. I love my hands because they can cook some meeeaan meals, and produce great works. I love my hair because it’s thick, wavy, it coils, soft and it helps me remember the struggles of my ancestors and who inflicted the struggles. I love my thighs because they look good in my jeans. I love my feet because because they’ve felt so much pain, yet still cute. I love my heart because it went code blue before, but GOD had another plan besides an early death for me. I love my back because it has carried me through so much. I’m loving on me.
-Shavonne T. Harris


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