What’s Your Work With GOD

Once we’ve accepted the call to do the LORD’S work, we must suppress our sinful nature with prayer, fasting, and intimate communication with GOD. It is not to be negated the rules for life set for us in the Bible in which we preach, nor are we to become desensitized to the wrath of GOD because JESUS offered grace. Grace isn’t free-it comes with a price; therefore, one must at all times consider the cost of sin. And one must also recollect that GOD holds leaders called to do a thing accountable.

GOD is a parent to believers and any parents reading this understands what that entails. If a parent provides a set of rules for the children of the family, and the children decides that said rules are to refuted one day and disobeys them, shortly will follow the wrath of the parent upon the children. While the parent remains in a love caring relationship with the children even during the wrath, anger for disobedience must take it’s place for proper raising of children. What do you think that’s about?
-Shavonne T. Harris

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