Fearing GOD In The Pulpit As Leaders

I was called by GOD at 15 years old, and ever since that call I’ve been running. And although I’ve now surrendered to this mighty call, I often times wonder if I’m still running even in surrendering to it. I ran/run because I fear someone seeing or hearing me do something wrong. I know you might say, ” but no one’s perfect,” and I hear you, but I also know GOD holds leaders on a higher accountability stand when it comes to The Church, the Bride of Jesus.

So many so boldly stand in pulpits knowing of their wayward ways, killing the people with their double minded activities, making a mockery of the faith by preaching falsehood and acting out of the character of one called by GOD. I’m never afraid because I know I have Lord GOD JEHOVAH, but I am surely afraid of the wrath that can fall on me for hurting and misleading GOD’S people, and that’s why I ran and may still be running, I haven’t decided yet. When one truly understands this journey of being called, I mean understand it on a spiritual level, one approaches with high caution. I totally understand why so many Bible characters ran from their calling with great speed. However, I know that GOD will not allow me to run for long before I’m in a whales belly to be spit up on shore; therefore, I have decided now, and I’ve decided not to run.
-Shavonne T. Harris

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