You Are A Creator-GOD Made You That Way


Photo Created by: Shavonne T. Harris

Jesus said to go and “make”  disciples (Matthew 28:19). The word “make” is also synonym of the word “create”. I believe that it’s also written in the Hebrew text that we were “created” in the “image of GOD” (Genesis 1:27). Now, with this information available, my spiritual self wants to believe that we are real true creators also, created by GOD’S own hands.

Go and create something positive today. Do you realize how powerful you are, what magnificence you’re capable of? Do you even know how fearfully and wonderfully GOD created you? Tap into your GOD given creative abilities today. You have the Power to speak things into existence, just as GOD did in Genesis, GOD made sure of it when you were made. You are awesome in GOD’S EYES. You are a force to be reckoned with. You belong to GOD, a child of The MOST HIGH GOD. In JESUS Name.

-Shavonne T. Harris

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