Remain Encouraged

I’m constantly realizing why GOD ordained me to receive a Bachelor Degree in Biblical Education and study Counseling at BHU now that HE’S ordained my journey to The ITC in pursuit of a Master of Divinity and concentration in Clinical Pastoral Education/Care. Honestly, in the past, I constantly questioned my completing undergrad with such a degree, but the light is so much brighter to me as to how HE’S truly guiding me. While my course of matriculation in what to expect in Seminary has challenged me on every level, and I do mean every, I know that there’s a reward that I won’t believe from Him at that running hurdle of this assignment. Even when I doubted HIM, I never stopped praying and pressing my faith forth in HIM, no matter how I wanted give up on my life’s purpose. I love the Lord, and obviously HE loves me.

Message to my loves, yes you are all my loves in Christ Jesus, never  give up the solid vision that GOD has given, allowed to be prophesied, and shown you concerning you. I love you, babes! Keep your heads up, and your eyes on GOD for guidance.

-Shavonne “Vonnie” Trenay Harris

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