Would You Like To Remain Ugly?

I Corinthians 13:4… love has no high opinion of itself, love has no pride;

Have you ever wondered why your heart continues to love even after enduring so much hurt and pain?

Imagine a beautiful garden. Now imagine the garden hurting, ugly, and all the plants and flowers dead. It’s obvious the garden was once loved and later negleted.

Now imagine watering, feeding, and caring for the garden. Imagine the garden restored to beauty as it once was before it withered. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Although the garden is a place of nature and beauty, it can become ugly if it isn’t loved and cared for. It’s not going to remove the weeds and other unwanted wild growths from itself, it takes the love affection and time of us to keep it lovely in appearance.

The garden was probably neglected by the same person who came back with love to restored it, the garden didn’t allow pride to block the love it was again blessed with. Flowers are living species, they have feelings much like us-which means that garden could have rejected the love of the one who once hurt it and remained ugly, but it didn’t.

How are your gardens of love looking?

-Shavonne T. Harris

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