A Letter To The Original Full Prayer Circle

Original Full Prayer Circle, you are all special to me. You all have read and heeded the devotionals that GOD sends through me since 2010 (some later, but you’re still original…before the blog and Facebook page), and I hope you all know that there are times these writings are chastising me even as I write, tears are flowing many times. If you ever find yourself hurting because of something I’ve written, know that you are truly a child of GOD, for HE chastise the children of HIS house, you are not illegitimate-not knowing your FATHER. Convictions are what helps us grow spiritually in HIM, it builds our character, and helps us to face and admit the truth about ourselves no matter what that truth is.

Chastised and convicted children normally change for the better, and that’s what GOD desires of HIS chastised and convicted children. So, embrace whatever it is that convicts you, admit your wrongs even when approached by others about them, ask for forgiveness, and understand that if an individual forgives you-that doesn’t mean that they’ll trust you again. However, you’ve done your job by admitting the wrong that convicts you and asking forgiveness. Never try to cover what convicts your spirit, you’ll find a rich wealth of freedom in admitting wrongs to yourself and others and moving on to a better more free you.

This just fell on my heart this morning, and it was directed towards The Original Full Prayer Circle.

Today’s Devotional ‘Are You Feeling Defeated’ can be read at: http://strenayharrisblog.WordPress.com
-Shavonne T. Harris

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