Meaningless Church Folk

Church folk, I want you all to know you’re not perfect, and that mingling among yourselves will not make more disciples. Get over yourselves. Jesus came to save sick souls, and not souls that are already well. Tell me, why would a doctor treat a well patient for illness? Shouldn’t a doctor work to save the sick? So, tell me, what are you all doing in those four walls of your pretty buildings you call “my church?” Are you really laboring to make disciples like JESUS did, or are you looking down your noses at those who are unsaved like you once were and probably still is? Pay attention to the disciples JESUS chose-they all had issues- truly study to show yourselves approved. Go outside of those walls like JESUS did, and labor for real, because that what you all are now doing is playing church. Also, if you’re offended, I’ve accomplished my goal. Maybe you’ll get up and do some real ministry instead of pursuing your everyday mundane acts of wanting to be seen by the masses and flaunting your meaningless titles around. And that’s goes for me, too, if you’re wondering.
-Shavonne T. Harris

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7 thoughts on “Meaningless Church Folk

  1. Too many people feel themselves too save in their church building and do think they do enough for their faith by going to a church meeting. They forget one of the major tasks Jesus had given to his disciples: to go out into the world and to preach, telling people about the Good News of the Gospel, the Coming of the Kingdom of God.

    Christians should make much more work in witnessing for Jehovah.

  2. It would be such a blessing to get more folk in the prisons. We benefit greatly from the visits when we can get them. Here, we get something called a Kiros visit once or twice a year, and we get real food and fellowship.

    It would be great to see some church groups come to the prisons on weekends and offer to do some coloring or bible reading with the kids, so we could talk to our loved ones and the children could have something good to do. They had that at Taylorsville, NC, and it was such a help for our special needs’ kids for them to have a room to go and we could talk about big people things. It made the prison visit not quite so scary, too. Anyways, thank you, and be blessed.

      • I am 40 years old, and currently serving almost 3 years into a 113 year sentence for crimes never committed.
        I can’t tell you where I’m from in NC, because of fear for speaking out against racial profiling, as well as the use of isolation as torture/abuse in the US prison systems. Thank you for listening. It folks on the outside could just come inside(prison) more, it would be a great way to spread God’s love, as well as allow those inside who are lost, to perhaps see some light in this dank place.

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