The Truth Hurts

Ecclesiastes 12:11 “The words of the wise are like cattle prods—painful but helpful. Their collected sayings are like a nail-studded stick with which a shepherd drives the sheep.”

I have knowledge that this is how many individuals feels about many of my writings concerning life and the scriptures. What I’ve learned throughout my short life, is that truth will at times hurt, but in the end it builds a strong foundation in one’s character.

If you all will take the time to diligently study Jesus, you’ll see that HIS love to us was mostly tough love, HE spoke truth no matter how others took it. It’s funny now that I’m of adult age, but as a child I was considered a “sassy mouth” by many adults. I wasn’t sassy, I just spoke my mind, and much of it was truth that many couldn’t handle. Even as a child, speaking truth wasn’t an hurtful ambush I used like weaponry, it was just the child that GOD HIMSELF made me to be.

Furthermore, as I continue to speak truth concerning HIS Word and life, it is not to offend, but to spread the Word that is sharper than a two edged sword. A Word that has the power the build a better, more Christian character in us all.

Lastly, I will not stop the work HE’S set for me to do, It’s my mission to pass HIS test. And if that includes stepping on some toes with the truth from HIS Word at times, that’s what I will do.

I’m in love The Trinity, They are my Everything, and nothing or no one comes before Them in my life. I pray that whoever this reaches will understand that as I am this way, I truly appreciate tough love that builds my character, too. I appreciate the Truth and Love.
-Shavonne T. Harris

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