Is Your GOD Truly Sovereign

Proverbs16:4 NLT The LORD has made everything for his own purposes, even the wicked for a day of disaster.

Until we all truly accept that GOD is truly sovereign, there will be an urge to romanticize Him/Her (Some individuals see GOD as a Mother because they never had one. GOD can be all that we need.). If GOD is truly sovereign, that means everything was created by GOD and that includes evil people. While we don’t desire to believe the truth, the truth is in the Word plain for all to read and see. How can GOD be all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere at once and not be aware of the happenings of this World? How could GOD give Satan permission to do whatever to Job but not take his life? How did Jesus know what Judas was going to do him beforehand? I’ll tell you how, because GOD is in full control of everything, and I do mean everything. The best thing to do is pray that GOD gives us all the mental capacity, strength, and understanding for whatever HE chooses to use us for. Think about it, even Jesus, the Son of GOD was hung on a tree and died for our transgressions; and GOD allowed this to happened because of the love HE has for us. While this truth I write may upset you, know that it is truth. GOD is truly in full control, nothing happens without HIS knowledge. Just remain prayed up, and pray for complete understand. Stand in love with each other, because GOD is love and GOD loves you.

-Shavonne T. Harris

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