Ya Mama

Matthew 19:19 NLT Honor your father and mother. Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”

Let me tell you something, even if you’ve experienced tough times with your mother, you better not allow your head to hit the pillow before settling the differences. You’ll look around one day and she’ll be gone on to glory, and you’ll be left standing at her resting place wishing and praying for the opportunity to hear her say, “baby, It’s alright.” Honor your mother, you only get one natural mother. Another thing, have you ever heard the ones who cry the hardest at their parents funerals? Yeah, that’s the ones who most likely wrote their parents off. Get it together with your mama if it isn’t. I’m so blessed to say that mine turned 58 years young today (April 6)! Go Mommy!
-Shavonne T. Harris


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