Random Moments With GOD and The Holy Spirit

This fell in my spirit last night, and while I do understand by the Holy Spirit every sermon isn’t for everyone-I do know that within this Full Prayer Circle someone needs to read this Spiritual Word today. Your time is coming, and It’s coming soon- don’t lose faith!
*Here’s The Word:

GOD is shifting some things in your life right now, and you’re wondering how HE’s going to do what HE’s quickening in your spirit, but I come to tell you that it ain’t ya business!!!!! Just follow GOD’s lead, KEEP ON PRAISING, and walking with HIM!!!! YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I come to tell yaaaaaaaa, today!!!!!! You are about to see some things that you thought you’d never see happen in your life!!!! DO you hear me????!!!! The earth is HIS and the fullness thereof, and what you’ve been petitioning, fasting, and praying and believing GOD for is on-the way!!!!!!! This ins’t prosperity preaching, it’s THE SPIRIT SPEAKING!!!!!!!!!
-Holy Spirit Inspired-Shavonne used to write


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